Ich bin immer bei dir  -  Dein Herz ist mein Heim
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The aim of the Rosenkreis-Publishing-House As I founded the the Rosenkreis-Publishing-House in 1999 I knowed that Sai Baba is the Christ. I wanted, that this time, he is recognized by his folk. The theme of the first book was: Announcement and new Activity. Now he has left his physical body. Two friends of mine and long-standing Sai Devotees, Doris and Ruth, have now taken over with me the responsibility, to spread furthermore his teachings, his live, his picture, his voice and his work. He was the embodyment of all names, who was given from the humanity to god at any time. We Christians could recognize him in 1986. He himself had said, that he will belong to the whole world after his sixtieth burthday (1986). In my dreams he has made me know, that he ist the Christ and that his name is SAI. SAI CHRIST is therefore his name. Once Sai Baba has said, that if we want to call an instance of the divine, we should set the syllable OM before our invocation. So if we want to connect to him as the Christ, we shall call him with the words OM SAI CHRIST.                                                                                                                                            Annrose
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