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SATHYA SAI BABA - The World-Avatar ANNOUNCEMENT AND NEW ACTIVITY A comparative contrast of the teachings of the Avatar Sathya Sai Baba and the Tibetan Master Djwhal Kuhl. The Tibetan master Djwhal Khul, author of a comprehensive work on esoteric philosophy of about 10,000 pages, which is based on the oldest holy works of the world, said at the turn of the last century: "I would like to affirm and explain that the great and satisfactory answer to all human questions and predicaments is to be found in the doctrine of the Avatars, which is based on the fact that God's revelations never end. This steadfast belief that in times of the greatest worldwide misery God reveals himself by apparitions, by a messenger of His, this belief is indestructible and unchangeable. This belief exists in all the world religions and in each age; in Hindu religion we find it as the doctrine of the Avatars, in the teaching of the reappearance of the Maitreya Buddha or the Kalki Avatar, in the western world's belief in the second Advent of Christ and in the prophecies of the Islam that a heavenly messenger (Iman Mahdi) is going to appear. All this is connected with the indestructible belief of mankind in the loving heart of God, who always softens human sufferings and his misery. The testimony of history proves that when mankind went through difficult times of suffering, its plight was again and again softened or even cured by a Divine Revelation." Sathya Sai Baba living in the south of India, whom the London "Times" described as being "... the most impressive holy man for centuries", wrote to his brother at the age of 20: "I have the task to advance the whole of mankind on its way and to give a life in bliss to each human being. I am not going to renounce neither my mission nor my destination. I know that I will fulfil it. I bear the honour and the contempt, the fame and the shame - whichever may be the consequence with equal serenity. I act and move only for the welfare of mankind. Nobody is able to understand my splendour, whoever he may be, whichever methods of research he may use, and for however long he may strive to do that..." This book contains a comparative representation of master Djwhal Kuhl's and Sathya Sai Baba's teachings based on a selection of quotations taken out of 65 books from both sources. It helps to find answers to the burning questions of our time.
SATHYA SAI BABA - The World-Avatar SPEAKS ABOUT THE DISCRIMINATION The Distinctivness on the spiritual path is more decisive and far-reaching than in worldly affairs. The inability to distinguish between right and wrong in the spiritual realm has tragic consequences. Yes, one could call the teaching the "path of the distinctive". The World-Avatar Sathya Sai Baba teaches forcibly that it is mainly the ability of distinctivness which can bring us forward in this chaotic times.
SATHYA SAI BABA - THE INCARNATION OF GOD  -  SPEAKS ABOUT GOD The concept of God is not only questioned by mystics and esoterics, but more and more by scientists.It means that scientists will prove one day, that the mystics of thousands of years have been right. The question of God is a subject from many peoples in this time of the "Great Transition". We Christians are also confused by the fact, that in the oldest sacred books of the world that are in India preserved for mankind, in the form of the Vedas, the names from various gods appears. Who can give us profounder information about this topic, than the incarnation of God himself, Sathya Sai Baba?
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SATHYA SAI BABA - The World-Avatar SPEAKS ABOUT THE ELEMENTS The difficulties which the mankind is facing in this time of chaos, have to do with the five elements. The abuse of the elements and the irresponsibility towards them, brought the humanity to the brink of existence. The World-Avatar Sathya Sai Baba teaches us in detail about how we can find out of this impasse.
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SATHYA SAI BABA - The World-Avatar TEACHING AND REVELATIONS A comprehensive description of the teachings of the Avatar Sathya Sai Baba, with extensive index. Sathya Sai Baba is the World-Avatar of our time. He is the world teacher. That is, the Divine has incarnated himself as man in order to make us again conscious of the fact that we too are of divine origine. In this book, the rays of his teaching are focussed such that they are directed, as through a burning glass, at the actual problems of modern man. His teaching excels by its clarity and simplicity so that each man is able to understand it and put it into practice. Sathya Sai Baba is here in order to give us renewed proof of the Divine Love, to guide us, to teach us and to make us acquainted with the new revelations.
SATHYA SAI BABA - Meditation is Life GOD MEDITATES. AND AS LONG AS GOD IS MEDITATING, THE UNIVERSE REMAINS IN MANIFESTATION The subject of meditation has preoccupied for decades an increasing number of people. This book contains some information on its background as well as on its methodology and goal, taken from the two great philosophical teachings of the World Avatar Sathya Sai Baba and of Alice A. Bailey/The Tibetan. Meditation has to do with finding the meaning of life, but it should not come to a halt with "turning around one's own self". The individualistic moment has found its blossom in the past Age of Pisces, but the Age of Acquarius reconfronts us with group responsibilities, i.e., we are no longer exclusively concerned with our responsibility towards our family and friends, but more and more with the one towards the "one and indivisible mankind", the Divine Species, which we are all part of. Meditation connects us both with the whole of mankind and our own innate divinity, leading us to God, our last, supreme aim.
SHAMBALLA  -  HIERARCHY  -  HUMANITY THE GREAT TRIANGLE There are three great energy currents which have mighty effects on the world and which will determine the future course of world affairs: The first and mightiest force streams into the world from the realm of Shamballa, i.e. from the Planetary Centre which knows God's will. It has been only twice in the foregoing history of the planet that this Shamballa energy has made its presence "directly" felt. Now again, this force is streaming forth from the Holy Centre. It represents the aspect of will of the present world crisis and its two side-effects: firstly, the destruction of all the forms and appearances in statesmanship, in religion and society which are no longer desirable and impede the further course of evolution. Secondly, the force striving for a synthesis, which unites and connects what, up to now, has been separated. The Shamballa force is so new and unknown that it will be difficult for mankind to recognize it in its real character, i.e., as the demonstration of "God's benevolent will" in a new and powerfuel effectiveness. The second main force is the one of the "Spiritual Hierarchy" of the Planetary Centre, where the love of God reigns majestically. It is now about to make itself strongly felt within the scope of one of its main cyclical approaches to mankind. Mankind itself is the third planetary main centre through which one of the three divine aspects, i.e. intelligence, finds its expression and has certain effects in the world. These three centres are closely interrelated. It is interesting to note that these three centres are always in need of people in order to find their most powerful expression. Those among you who are willing to serve humanity and help the Hierarchy, must strive to get into contact with the forces of Shamballa or the Hierarchy and they must endeavour to find the deeper reasons for man's miserable state.